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Carol Sinnott LLB LLM (TCD)

Carol SinnottCarol Sinnott is the Principal of the practice and established Sinnott & Company, Solicitors. Carol was admitted to the role of Solicitors in 2004. Having completed her Law Degree and having completed her Masters Law Degree at Trinity College Dublin. Carol worked in a medium size South Dublin based firm. Carol went on to practice as a Solicitor in Deloitte. She has extensive experience in Employment Law Medical Negligence and Personal Injury cases with a particular emphasis on Facial Injuries and Facial Disfigurement cases. She has also been involved in many high profile Asylum and Immigration Law cases before the High Court and Supreme Court.

Sinnott Solicitors
10 Church Ave Rathmines, Dublin 6
Phone: (01) 406 2862 https://plus.google.com/106358991933532754711/
Sinnott Solicitors
10 Church Avenue, Rathmines Dublin , Ireland 6
Phone: 353 1 406 2862URL of Map